Jan 28th-30th 2022

1 Million Dollar Contract

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The UMBA will award
$160 million in contracts for it's 16 teams collectively.



The UMBA is the Urban Music Basketball Association, a professional basketball league fostered by music industry professionals and business executives. The owners in this league are a group of basketball enthusiasts, who have come together to provide an opportunity for talented players to play on a pro level.

Our league is composed of sixteen teams, divided between a Western Conference and an Eastern Conference. We believe basketball and music are synonymous as the magic of the sport includes music in many cultures.


The UMBA will award $160 million in contracts for it's 16 teams collectively and all positions are open:


*Point Guard

Must be able to play Defense and push the ball


*Shooting Guard

Who can defend and shoot the basketball 


*Small Forward 

Who can defend and attack the rim


*Power Forward 

Who can score in the paint and rebound 



Who can protect the rim and rebound 

Registration and Contact Information

UMBA phone # 



*Registration Required 

*Only the first 500 allowed to tryout

*Registration Fee WAIVED

*Participants Ages 18 to 40 

*All 160 official players chosen from the National Training and Tryouts held on November 29, 2021 in Atlanta, Georgia, will be required to sign an exclusive five year contract. 

*Tryout Location: Riverside Epi Center, Austell, GA

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